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More Than 500 Veterans Take
Their Lives In Florida Each Year

Operation Barnabas was founded in 2017 by Osee “Trey” Fagan, a 17-year Marine Special Operations sniper.  Osee returned home from combat with PTSD and TBI. After struggling away from combat, Trey found life through Project Sanctuary, strong mentors, and ultimately in Jesus Christ. Operation Barnabas helps veterans/first responders struggling with issues such as PTSD, addiction, and family and marital issues to work through “levels of care,” much like triage. 

Operation Barnabas has the capability to handle:

  • Crisis Response

  • Triage/evaluation to determine level of care needed

  • Mentorship

If we do take on an individual for mentorship, we provide resources such as:


Operation Barnabas partners with a variety of local independent donors as well as nonprofit organizations and ministries to provide veterans with reliable transportation that will empower them on their path to stability.


By partnering with local hotels, extended stays, inns, and RV parks, Operation Barnabas provides veterans with safe and stable housing as we eagerly await the completion of our very own Fort Barnabas.


By working alongside local therapists and counselors, Operation Barnabas guides veterans to resources that may help them process their struggles and experiences in order to achieve a better, more hopeful future.


Operation Barnabas assigns every veteran in our program a one-to-one mentor. These mentors are not only vetted, trained, and certified by Operation Barnabas, but also uniquely paired with a veteran in the program in order to guide them down the path to stability by setting meaningful and manageable goals for their future.


Operation Barnabas has partnered with a variety of local employers that readily provide veterans in the program with stable, quality jobs that drive them towards a state of financial independence and credit recovery.

Each individual we help is unique.  A strength of Operation Barnabas is our ability to use this proven template to adjust, be flexible, and respond strategically to each individual or family.  Our objective is to lead the veteran/first responder back to control of his/her life, with faith and hope to continue moving forward.

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